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10 Activities to Improve Mental Health for Students Free Encyclopedia Online


The mental health of students could be affected by a variety of aspects. Fiona Campbell, along with others published a study within the BMC Public Health Journal that identified the following vulnerabilities which could affect mental health of students.

Student's mental health is poor A risk factor for depression as well as poor social skills are associated with autism.

It is possible to ask why students with no responsibilities within their lives would feel depressed or stressed. Mental illnesses are not based on age. Some illnesses like dementia occur in older people while others are more genetic, as well as evident in kids and young adults. In the case of students, the implications can be a matter of context. Here are some instances of mental health issues that have negative consequences on students.

Inside Government reports that students suffering from mental illness have lower levels of engagement. They may experience an improvement in their academic performance. Additionally, they may experience issues with grasping the concepts. A person suffering from problems with mental health may find it difficult to focus during class. They may also lose the ability to focus and may lose their ability to recognize the long-term. .